• Erectile Dysfunction Cures: Hoax, Scam or Both? Or Not.

    A Get Sexxx Tonight Exclusive Investigation from Get Sexxx Tonight on Vimeo.

    Get Sexxx Tonight reveals the findings of its investigation of “Jason”, the guy on the internet who says his wife cut off his penis with a butcher’s knife.

    But first, nearly 10% of men under the age of 40 experience this problem. It affects 25% of men over the age of 65, too. What is it? Erectile dysfunction. (Fuuuck!, right?) ED is a real and scary medical condition that makes having sex nearly impossible for men. WTF! In scientific terms, what’s happening is that blood no longer adequately fills the corpora cavernosa. More colloquially, it means you can’t sustain a hard-on. When a guy gets sexually excited, the brain sends a signal to his penis to retain blood in the corpora cavernosa… However, in guys with ED, a couple of things can be happening:

    1. The brain doesn’t send the sexually excited signal.
    2. The signal is sent… but there’s something blocking it along the nervous path.
    3. Blood is NOT getting from where it is to your penis.
    4. Blood is getting to your penis, but NOT staying in your penis.

    Lots of things can cause the problems listed above.

    And because having sex is in the top two things men enjoy most, the other being chicken wings, an enormous industry has arisen to prey on men’s ego, nervousness, disappointment and shame.

    That industry? The industry of assholes, thieves, con-artists, hoaxers, scammers, profiteers, pseudo-scientists, unlicensed doctors and various and sundry other douche-bags who promise ED cures on the internet.. for just one easy payment of… hundreds of dollars.

    And that gets us back to “Jason”, the guy who got his penis cut off by a butcher’s knife. Get Sexxx Tonight conducted an exhaustive investigation into the world of on-line ED cures… here’s a preview.